Verizon’s other mobile service called ‘Visible’ has the best deal you can possibly find for mobile data plans — with a little catch, of course (VZ)

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Visible is a mobile carrier owned by Verizon that runs off Verizon’s network, and it offers tempting plans for unlimited data.
Visible rolled out its new “Party Pay” plan that lets up to four people join a plan. The more people in the plan, the higher the tier, and the less everyone pays.
Everyone in the “party” is responsible for their own bill. If someone doesn’t pay on time, the party is bumped to a smaller tier that pays a little more. If the late payer pays the bill, the party can be bumped back up to the original tier that pays less. 
The point is to relinquish responsibility from a single person who manages a plan.
There is one caveat, however. While the data is unlimited, speeds can be throttled whenever the network is congested. Most unlimited plans from big carriers don’t throttle speeds until you’ve reach a certain amount of data. 
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The Visible mobile carrier, which is owned by Verizon and runs off Verizon’s network made quite the impression a while ago when it offered an unlimited data plan for $40 per month. 

On Thursday, Visible rolled out its new “Party Pay” plan that lets you add up to four lines in a single plan with unlimited data. The more people in the plan (up to four people), the less each person pays.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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