The volcano has erupted, and Fortnite’s map has changed once again

For quite some time, the island that Fortnite takes place on has been teasing some sort of event. Today, that event occurred, when the vault that appeared in the middle of Loot Lake opened, and the volcano that was stationed on the island erupted, taking out a variety of fan-favorite locations in the game.

Earlier this afternoon, the countdown over Loot Lake came to an end, allowing players to jump into the vault that had appeared where the lake once stood. Once inside, players were taken to what looked to be another realm, where the “vaulted” items of Fortnite – items that no longer appear in the game – were kept in stone. Players were then able to chisel away at the item they wanted to be re-released, which ended up being the Drum Gun.

The Drum gun is back… and Tilted and retail have been Demolished! 10/10 event @Fortnitegame

— Ninja (@Ninja) May 4, 2019

Things were far from done, however, as players were then transported into the air and watched as the volcano located on the map erupted. As lava and rocks spewed from the volcano, a couple of meteor-sized rocks were sent flying towards a variety of locations, including Retail Row and Tilted Towers. Longtime Fortnite player and Twitch streamer Ninja was just one of many who captured the footage, which you can check out above.

Both locations seem to have been completely demolished, with almost every building in Tilted Towers – one of the most iconic locations in the game – having been destroyed. With the big reveal of Season Eight officially over, Epic can now start preparing for the launch of Season Nine, which is set to go live next week.

As they’ve shown in the past, they aren’t afraid to completely change the way people play Fortnite, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what will be happening next. In the meantime, head over to the burnt down locations for yourself to check them out, and if you’re having trouble taking on some of the challenges, make sure to check some of our guides.

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