The $300 Nintendo Switch has been great for my relationship

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I purchased a Nintendo Switch in March 2017, and haven’t looked back since.
It’s easily my favorite Nintendo console ever made.
It’s also converted my wife, who was previously not a fan of video games before we purchased a Switch.

I’ve owned the Nintendo Switch for almost two years now, but I was smitten in the first two weeks.

The Nintendo Switch was my favorite piece of tech in all of 2017, but my love for the console has only deepened in 2018. It’s easily my favorite Nintendo console ever.

It’s not perfect by any means, but this unusual piece of hardware has already changed the way I live, and it has brought me closer to my wife, who was never into modern game consoles before the Switch’s arrival.

Here’s what I mean:

On Friday, March 3, I picked up my Nintendo Switch from Best Buy — with a copy of “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” of course — before heading home from work.
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I preordered the Switch the night it was announced. I’m a longtime Nintendo fan, and I followed rumors about Nintendo’s mysterious “NX” console for years. I believed Nintendo would correct many of the mistakes it made with the underwhelming Wii U, a game console I bought and, sadly, returned a year later.

When I got home with the Switch on that first night, I couldn’t wait to set up the console. My fiancée (now wife) was less excited at first. She didn’t play video games nearly as much as I did, and she hadn’t heard much about the Switch — but that changed as soon as we turned on the console.
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The ability to create a customizable avatar changed my fiancée’s mind on the Switch almost immediately.

Everything about the Switch experience is user-friendly. My wife loved being able to create two separate accounts — she customized hers to her liking, with an avatar and background color — so we could each play games at our own pace.
Dave Smith/Business Insider

In all honesty, she wanted the two of us to create a single profile on the Switch, but since I wanted to have my own “Zelda” adventure, she was nice enough to accommodate my selfish desires.

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