Success with Business – Flash Screen Subliminal Session – By Thomas Hall

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Flash Screen Subliminal’s can cause temporary drowsiness in some people. Please do not drive or do anything that requires concentration, until you have returned to normal.

Please be aware that this video is not suitable for anyone suffering from epilepsy and/or anyone that may be sensitive to flashing images.

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Q. How do the flashing affirmations work?

A. The speed of the visual affirmations in the videos make it very difficult for our conscious mind to process them. However, our subconscious mind is extremely sensitive to stimuli, and can absorb and store memories of everything that ever happens to us, including the flash screen affirmations in these videos.

Our subconscious mind records and remembers how we feel and respond to every different situation, so that over time we develop patterns of behaviour that become our ‘normal’ way of dealing with things, and are very difficult to change.

One way to re-programme our responses is to bombard the subconscious with positive affirmations, and trick it into absorbing the information as factual. The subconscious is the memory bank that holds all of our personal information, so the more positive information we can install into it, the greater the positive impact on our thoughts and behaviour.

Q. Do I need to try and read the words?

A. No, just stare at the centre of the screen and allow your subconscious mind to absorb the affirmations.

Q. Will this still work on a small phone or tablet screen?

A. Yes, as long as it’s a screen size that you’re comfortable using, then the effects will not be jeopardised.

Q. How close should I be to the screen?

A. The screen should be at the same distance you would use to watch a regular video.

Q. Do I need to use headphones?

A. No, you do not need headphones. The messages have been embedded in a variety of ways, ensuring they can be absorbed either with or without headphones.

Q. Why can’t I hear any talking?

A. This is a subliminal recording, which means the affirmation messages are hidden within the audio.

Q. How do subliminal messages work?

A. Compared to regular audio, the subliminal affirmation messages are recorded at many different frequencies and volumes, therefore you will be unable to hear the messages consciously. Because you are unable to hear the messages consciously, they bypass the part of your mind that analyses information, thus enabling the messages to go directly to your subconscious mind, allowing them to be absorbed as a factual new reality.

Q. How long until I get results?

A. It varies. Some people will only have to watch the video once, whereas others may need to watch several times over the course of a few days.

Q. At what volume should I play this video?

A. At whatever volume you find most comfortable.

Q. What are the messages within this recording?

A. Here is a list of all the affirmations/messages in this recording.

I will succeed in everything I do

I am fully capable of achieving anything

I have total confidence in myself and my abilities

My brain is alert and ready for anything

I am a confident person

I enjoy coming up with great ideas

I am motivated towards being good at everything

I am an intelligent person

I enjoy hard work

I get things done

If I work hard, I will succeed

I learn quickly

I am a highly motivated person

I am proud of my achievements

I am passionate about making money

I am a successful person

I am a powerful person

I am full of positive energy

I can achieve anything I set my mind to

I have belief in myself and my abilities

I can do anything

I have the energy I need to achieve my goals

I am in complete control of my life

I am full of energy and motivation

I am the best at what I do

(((((All of the above are repeated throughout the recording)))))

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