STOP IT. Get some help! Brian Krassenstein may have just SPUN himself off Twitter with this latest ‘What if’ spin on Mueller

We’re thinking Brian Krassenstein might actually be broken.

Not even being mean … this tweet makes it seems like he’s a teensy bit out of touch with reality, right?

Barr's report stated that the Trump team did not conspire with the RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT in their efforts to INTERFERE IN THE ELECTION

But what if they conspired with likely agents of the Kremlin?

What if they conspired on more than just interference?#ReleaseTheFullMuellerReport

— Brian Krassenstein (@krassenstein) March 25, 2019

Technically Barr released a letter, not a report. And here we go with the, ‘What if’ stage of grief.

What if Trump conspired with a bunch of ninja leprechauns who wanted to overthrow the Federal Reserve because they think we have their pot of gold? What if mimes formed an army and forged a silent attack on Starbucks? WHAT IF Ariana Grande is really a robot?!

The ‘what if’s’ are ENDLESS … and pointless.

So Barr's wording leaves open the possibility, if not the likelihood that the Trump campaign conspired with foreign nationals to get help in the election, including with Russians. They just could not directly link them to the Kremlin.

— Brian Krassenstein (@krassenstein) March 25, 2019


You know what, never mind.

What if Spartacus had a bi-plane?

— ItIsGoodToBeQueenOfSpring (@redandright) March 25, 2019

Anyone else notice he got rid of the third part of this?

— The Eureka Weekly Podcast (@EurekaWeekly) March 25, 2019

DAMMIT, we missed it. If anyone has a screenshot of the third tweet please send to @politibunny (seriously!)

Technically, his wording also leaves open the possibility that Donald Trump is the Loch Ness monster.

— Michael Markowitz (@MMarkow) March 25, 2019


🤧Richard's Ghost🤢 (@DaGhostOfRichie) March 25, 2019

— Crypto Popsicle (@CryptoPopsicle) March 25, 2019

Still waiting on this promise.

1+2=1? What?

— Anne Marie (@Annezig) March 25, 2019

Psh, clearly it equals PURPLE.

Searching for conspiracy where there is none is not a healthy frame of mind to constantly be in.. you should find a hobby or activity. (One that doesn’t require a Twitter account to participate.. or a lot of socializing.) Do you enjoy bingo or chess?

— Leslie Watson™ (@TheLeslieWatson) March 25, 2019


Color by number?


— Post-Scarcity-Pal 🏴 🍞🇵🇸🌹 (@PostScarcityPal) March 25, 2019

— Charles X Proxy (@Charlemagne0814) March 25, 2019

Blah, blah, blah.

Spin, spin, spin.

There’s nothing there.

Accept it.

— Ronald J. Midili Jr. (@RJM643) March 25, 2019


It’s time to …

— Scott Williams (@jswilliams1962) March 25, 2019

Too late.


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