Starting to think I need help

A bit of background- last year I graduated undergrad with an accounting degree from a top school and have gone on to do a 1 year masters program at the same school to get my cpa. I have gotten a good job in the city I want to be and will be moving in with some of my best friends after I finish this program.

This all sounds great but I have developed some serious laziness and motivation issues. School has been very easy for me so I really haven’t had to work hard on any school work outside of like finals & midterm week. I have found myself becoming incredibly lazy to the point where I don’t even do the most simple tasks like putting my bed sheets on, doing/folding my laundry, and cleaning up trash around my apartment – I currently live alone. I pretty much go to class come home and sit in the couch playing fortnite or watching tv/YouTube all night and only moving to go get food – most of which ordered over uber eats, and I used to cook almost every night! I have always had streaks of laziness but always seem to snap out of it with a intense day or organizing/tidying. I used to work out all the time (almost every day) but after my hockey season this year I stopped working out entirely and have started to gain weight.

I am really scared of these habits I am developing especially as I am about to enter the corporate world. I really need some concrete advise on what I can do to change this. I have barely been able to study for the cpa because of this laziness and if I don’t start soon I will have to take it while I’m working which literally every person has advised me not to do. Thanks in advance for anything you guys can suggest for me to change the way I’m going.

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