Some things i learned after hitting goal (240->165)

Well shit ive actually hit my goal weight these past 4-5 months have been really eye opening for, and im in awe by how much things have changed for me physically and emotionally. Heres like 10 things i learned: 1. Weight loss is not linear you will have ups and downs as long as your general trend is downward youre making progress. Also to remember changes take time and to not be too harsh/hard on yourself. 2. Fat is a great insulator no joke… Everything feels cold af rn like ?!!?!!?!?! Also chairs are hard 😭😭😭 3. You realize how small changes compound and how poorly you used to eat. Like no joke i was eating around 4k cal a day lmao 4. Discipline. The amount discipline you gain from a major lifestyle change is so shocking. Where areas before id be able to kill a box a ferrero roche, i find myself to be satisfied with eating just 1 or 2 of those golden diabete spheres 5. You gain so much confidence, ive had body image issues since the dawn of time . As a result i look taller, lmao my posture has improved greatly because i actually feel confident 6. You will get strechmarks if you lose a lot of weight its inevitable, i was lucky enough to not get loose skin considering i went down 80ish lbs. Initially i hated em but i see em as progress now 7. You might needa redo your wardrobe. This is a good but expensive problem haha, you can finally find clothes that fit and make you feel confident 8. Even after you hit goal, you dont ever really wanna go back because ultimately fitness should be a lifestyle goal 9. Some people will initially drag you down on your journey but as long as you know youre improvings thats what counts 10. no matter what diet/excercise you see on the internet you can adjust it to fit your needs

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