Should you spend money on Fortnite on PS4?

Best answer: No, it is not worth paying $40 for the Founder’s Pack just for access to its Save the World PvE mode. You should stick with the free Battle Royale version of Fortnite instead.

PlayStation: Fortnite Battle Royale (Free)
PlayStation: Fortnite Founder’s Pack ($40)
Battle Royale vs. Save the World

Fortnite Battle Royale is a tremendously popular and fun PvP game mode that you can download for free, and it’s become a big hit across almost every platform available. Whether you play by yourself, with another player, or with three other people, you have to go against 100 people to earn a Victory Royale. It’s very similar to PUBG with its own little twist: building forts to protect yourself from other players.

If you’re looking for another online game where you can just run around and take people down, then you’ll love the Battle Royale version of this game. However, if you’re just looking for a fun PvE game without the frustrations that can plague PvP matches, then Save the World is something you may be interested in.

Save the World, the paid version of Fortnite, puts you on a team with other players as you go through and kill zombies that are terrorizing the survivors. You have to build forts to protect certain objects and people throughout the game, as well as craft your own guns and ammo.

Basically, the paid version of the game gives you objectives and a story that can be fairly rewarding as you sink time into it. This is the original version of Fortnite that Epic first advertised before its Battle Royale mode entered the scene and stole the show.

Is Fortnite: Save the World worth it?

Save the World is priced at $40 for just the Standard Founder’s Pack, so it’s a bit pricey and still early access. There is room for improvement, but I believe the game is wonderful, especially taking into consideration that it’s not complete. If you’re looking for something that will be better than the Battle Royale mode, you won’t find it in this game, but it is just as good in my opinion.

The only downside I found to the Save the World mode is the fact that the controls are different than in Battle Royale. It’s strange to me that the controls are not universal, as they changed the way you can select materials or different guns. I find myself accidentally throwing a grenade when I just want to build a floor instead of a wall. It took some getting used to, and I hope it’s something they’ll fix when the game is fully released.

What makes the purchase even less appealing is that Epic plans to release Fortnite: Save the World for free at some point. A free-to-play version was in the cards for 2018, but the studio pushed back the free release while it worked on “a broad set of features, reworks, and backend system scaling (they) believe are needed to go free-to-play.”

Bottom line

While Fortnite’s Save the World mode is great fun and would ordinarily be worth $40, the fact that Epic is planning to make that mode free upon the game’s full, official launch means it’s definitely worth waiting. Even if you’re just curious about the mode in between rounds of Fortnite Battle Royale, we’d suggest waiting until the game goes free-to-play.

Our pick

Fortnite Battle Royale

Free at PlayStation

Worldwide phenomenon

Fortnite Battle Royale packs a lot of content into a free package that’s fun for (mostly) all ages. Because it’s so popular you’ll never have trouble finding a match and you won’t have to worry about the developer abandoning it.

Wait it out

Fortnite Standard Founder’s Pack

$40 at PlayStation

Soon to be free

If it weren’t for the fact that Save the World is going free-to-play, it may be worth picking up. As it stands, you’re better off waiting a few months instead of wasting $40 for immediate gratification.

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