Science Friday: News in Nutrition (December 28, 2018) For discussion on the latest news and research in nutrition science

Welcome to Science Friday here in /r/Nutrition. This is the weekly post for science supported discussion on the latest news, developments, and research in nutrition science.

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Rules for Discussion

This post is only for discussion of recent nutrition news and research.

ALL responses must support any claims made by including links to science based evidence / studies / data. Including those listed below, other sources of nutrition information can be found at the USDA Food Composition Database, NutritionData, Nutrition Journal, and (a service of the National Agricultural Library).

Keep it civil. reddiquette is required**. If you disagree about the science, the source(s), or the interpretation(s) then you must do so civilly. Any personal attacks will be removed and can lead to a ban. Please let moderators know of these kinds of issues by using the report button below any comments containing personal attacks.

Sites which may have recent articles, publications, or news on nutrition


Recent articles on PubMed specifically from the Amercian Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Recent studies and articles listed with Google Scholar which have common nutrition terms in the title

Where you can find RSS Feeds on Nutrition

What nutrition news from this past week do you think is interesting or significant?

Want to make a post about a study you think is interesting or important? Put the right info in it, and it will get special flair! For more info, see our wiki page about it – /r/nutrition/wiki/studyposts

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