Psychology Around the Net: November 10, 2018

Ready to catch up on the latest in this week’s mental health news? Great!

This week’s Psychology Around the Net gets you up to speed on new guidelines for managing physical health with a severe mental illness, suggestions on using podcasts to help you sleep, how you can rewire your brain for creativity (but also why pushing creativity isn’t cool), and more.

The Best Podcasts for Falling Asleep: It’s not unusual for many of us to be the proud owners of brains that like to spiral into late-night anxiety when it’s time to go to sleep. Could a good (but not too good!) podcast help? Check out why the answer might be “yes,” some suggestions for podcasts to try, and tips to consider before you hit the hay with your chosen podcast.

WHO Guidelines Address Need for Physical Health Management in Severe Mental Illness: The World Health Organization (WHO) has released evidence-based guidelines to help mental health professionals and adult patients with severe mental health disorders manage the patients’ physical health conditions with recommendations regarding healthy lifestyle behaviors, psychosocial support, and taking into consideration the possible interactions between medications prescribed for mental and physical health conditions.

Panthers’ Hiring of a Mental Health Clinician Is a ‘Game-Changer’: While most National Football League (NFL) teams make available licensed mental health professionals for their players and staff members on a contract basis, the Carolina Panthers have hired Tish Guerin, the first active in-house psychological clinician with an office at the Bank of America Stadium.

Want to Get Happier? Get Out of Your Own Way: Many people don’t realize they’re the ones standing in the way of their own happiness. Here’s how they’re (and possibly you’re) doing that, and what you can do to move out of the way.

9 Ways to Rewire Your Brain for Creativity: Research shows that engaging in creative practices can help reduce stress and improve problem-solving skills; however, some folks believe creativity is something you’re born with and, if you’re not, well, you’re out of luck. That’s just not true. It’s possible to foster creativity, and here are nine ways to do that. (Before you start flexing those new creative muscles, though, you might want to check out the downfalls of practicing creativity simply for the sake of it. Hmm.)

Mental Health Ed Informs Students of Difference Between Stress and Depression: “‘It’s like knowing the difference between a cut finger and cut off finger, [psychiatry professor Stan Kutcher] said in an interview. ‘Kids feel upset and say they’re depressed. Kids have a test, and they say they’re anxious. We have copied the language of pathology to describe normal human behavior, and we now see kids using words of mental health disorders.’”

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