Police traffic cameras have caught 237 alleged cheaters at a half marathon in China

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Over 230 runners in the Shenzhen Half Marathon in China have been caught cheating after traffic cameras captured them taking shortcuts across bushes, The Independent reports.
Three impostors were also uncovered, while 18 participants were found to be wearing fake bib, bringing the total number of “violations” to 258. Some face lifetime bans from the event, while those caught taking shortcuts could be banned for two years.
“We deeply regret the violations that occurred during the event,” Chinese news outlet Xinhua quoted organizers as saying.

A total of 237 runners were caught on camera cutting through bushes to an adjacent carriageway, instead of continuing along the road and making a U-turn during the Shenzhen half marathon, Chinese state media reported.

Network traffic police surveillance video showed that during the Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon on Sunday, while heading down Shenzhen’s Shennan Avenue, runners began crossing the green belt to cross from one side of the road to another, Chinese state media Xinhua News Agency reports.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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