NBA B-Sides: We want to start a book club with Tobias Harris

Plus, Jimmy Butler has his own custom-made coffee mugs? Apparently so.

Welcome to the halfway point of the NBA season!

It’s a common misconception that All-Star weekend is the midway point. It’s not! We’re here right now. Most teams have played 41 games and while playoff races are wildly tight on both sides, we have a pretty good idea of who these teams are at this point.

But enough of all that serious NBA talk. Let’s get to the fun stuff.

Tobias Harris needs to start a book club with us

So, I noticed that Harris is always carrying a book when he arrives for a game.

NBAE/Getty Images

Here he is again.

NBAE/Getty Images

And again.

NBAE/Getty Images

I took the liberty of using the zoom feature and figured out he’s currently reading The Lost Education of Horace Tate: Uncovering the Hidden Heroes Who Fought for Justice in Schools. He’s carrying a ton of different books in the pictures I could find, but this is the only book I could confidently identify. I assume they’re all very good books.

So, knowing what I know from my diligent research. Tobias likes to read. I want to read more books in 2019. You do, too.

Listen, Tobias, I know you’re a fan of SB Nation. We see you in the Instagram likes. Let’s start a B-Sides Book Club. It would be great. You can pick the books! We’ll discuss them in B-Sides.

(You’ll win B-Sides MVP, don’t tell anyone that yet though.)

2019 needs this. Call me.

Josh Hart got sponsored by Chipotle!

I guess all that talk about how Chipotle tastes better with their plastic forks actually paid off. This guy is literally living my dream. He plays Fortnite, is sponsored by Chipotle, and plays basketball with LeBron James. What a life.

Double Protein Bowl life on that @ChipotleTweets app got me #chipotledoubleprotein #ad

— Josh Hart (@joshhart) January 8, 2019

I will gladly sell out. Chipotle, do you want to sponsor B-Sides? We’re here.

Klay Thompson continues to give the best sound bites

1. He likes things.

Klay Thompson: “What do I like? Life, food, my dog, my family, my friends, my home, my health. That’s what I’m thankful for. That’s what I like. My hobbies. Movies. Video games”

— Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater) January 7, 2019

2. And he’s happy to score 43 points.

“I am happy. I scored 43-points. Would you be happy?” Klay Thompson is my spirit-animal.

— Rex Chapman (@rex_rexchapman) January 9, 2019

The best part is when he says, “Would you be happy, Karen?” I am weak.

Joel Embiid brought a juice box to his post game presser

In a night of hijinks, Embiid steps up to the podium with a juice box. “I lost the straw though”

— Kyle Neubeck (@KyleNeubeck) January 6, 2019

And forgot the straw.

joel embiid was absolutely crushing a juice box in last night’s press availability

— empty roster spot fan account (@johnwintertweet) January 6, 2019

Shoutout to this hero. She seems cool.

one time I saw @JoelEmbiid drink a juice box with out a straw. Now I drink juice boxes with out a straw.

— Aimee (@cptgoldswag) January 8, 2019

Thad Young is expanding his AAU program to girls teams.

This is pretty freaking cool. Team Thad is a program of the Young for Youth Foundation and they compete in the UAA circuit. So this is awesome to see.


— Thad Young (@yungsmoove21) January 8, 2019

Jimmy Butler has his own coffee cups?

That is exactly what is happening here. I googled for you: these are not available for purchase.

jimmy butler has his own coffee cups

— kurt (@kurtwearshats) January 8, 2019

James Harden and PJ Tucker are such BFFs they got matching cars.

LOLLLLLL. In my world, BFFs get like, matching bracelets?

find you a friendship like pj tucker’s with james hardenthey got matching CARS

— Matt Ellentuck (@mellentuck) January 9, 2019

CJ McCollum’s All-Star campaign for Damian Lillard

I can’t believe we’re still doing Napoleon Dynamite jokes in 2019. Maybe there is an inside Blazers joke I’m missing. BUT, this video is so good, so I’m going to let it slide. This is just wonderful.

…..what are you doing, @CJMcCollum? “Whatever I feel like I wanna do, GOSH!”VOTE:

— Trail Blazers (@trailblazers) January 10, 2019

Boris Diaw continues to be perfect

I don’t know if this was a joke by the Spurs or if Diaw really works for National Geographic, because that would be the least shocking thing I’ve ever heard.

Spectacular @theborisdiaw

— Brent Barry (@Barryathree) January 11, 2019

My favorite James Harden photo of the week

I’m so glad the Rockets are good again. I’m so glad James Harden is good again. It just makes B-Sides a better place. And this outfit also makes B-Sides a better place.

NBAE/Getty Images

See ya next week, friends. Tweet me your B-Sides, and I’ll include them in the next round.

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