Natural Brilliance Mindfest” Move from feeling stuck to Achieving Success!

This guy was brilliant at business, but he could not manage his personal life. His marriage had ended in a tumultuous divorce. His dates usually disintegrated into social disasters. He could not even choose a restaurant for dinner.

Because he could not decide what decor he liked, he had settled for furnishing the living room of his high-priced condominium with aluminum lawn chairs.

Coaching this man, Learning Strategies’ Paul Scheele uncovered a significant phenomenon: Success strategies do not transfer from one area of life to another.

The skill sets used to accomplish business and financial success are completely different from those used to manage personal and close interpersonal issues.

“In my experience,” said Paul Scheele, “most people seem to enjoy great success in some areas of their lives, while they struggle in other areas.”

Think of your successes. You have developed the essential skills to produce effective results in these areas of your life. Congratulations!

Now think of the areas of your life where you are stuck? Where you did not achieve the results you desire?  Where giant stop signs inhibit your progress.

Are you baffled by not getting what you want? Paul Scheele figured it out for you.

He discovered that in areas of life where you enjoy success, your “nonconscious” mind runs a “strategy” that gets you to consistently move quickly beyond challenges.

AND…in the areas of your life where you get stuck, your brain does not run that strategy. That’s why Paul’s client who made multi-million-dollar decisions every day ended up with cheap lawn furniture in his living room.

“Yes! How can I change how my brain handles ALL challenges?”

Paul Scheele created 6 amazing Paraliminal recordings so you can wire in the ideal way to deal with any challenge and you can use them for free during the 3-day Natural Brilliance Mindfest.

(Paraliminals are audio tools designed to directly help your nonconscious mind, infused with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning, Preconscious Processing, and Holosync.)

1) Use the first four Paraliminals once or twice to wire in a 4-step mental process. Paul calls this the Natural Brilliance process. You’ll learn why a little bit later.

2) Use the other two when problems come up in the future that do not automatically resolve or when you feel you need a boost.

There’s a lot of free information on the internet to help you deal with challenges, but nothing wires in change on a deep nonconscious level like this. Nothing sets you up for success like a Paraliminal.

Here are the 4 steps you DO NOT need to learn (because these Paraliminals will make them automatic)


This is actually what people who easily overcome challenges do.

Paul figured it out using his expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He uncovered their nonconscious mental strategies and designed them into the Paraliminals of Natural Brilliance.

Learn the process during the FREE Natural Brilliance Mindfest presented by Learning Strategies.

You can train your nonconscious mind to automatically move from feeling stuck to achieving success by using the audio sessions of the Natural Brilliance Mindfest free of charge.

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P.S. I am an affiliate for Learning Strategies

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