Multimillion-dollar ‘Farming Simulator’ franchise enters world of esports


The creators of the Farming Simulator video game franchise are plowing new ground in the world of esports. After over a decade of developing games in the franchise, Swiss studio Giants Software announced Wednesday it’s committing more than $284,000 to the creation of a full-blown Farming Simulator League.

As the Esports Observer reports, the league will consist of 10 tournaments across Europe using a new format: a 3 vs. 3 team-based competitive mode. At these tournaments, teams will earn points in hopes of qualifying for the main event in Giants Software’s league. The crown jewel of the league will be a championship in summer 2020 at FarmCon, the official community event for players of Farming Simulator.

Some on social media are pointing out that Giants Software is putting more first-party support behind its esports venture than other well-established esports games.

TFW Farming Simulator has 10x the prize pool of the Tekken World Tour.

— XiT | Karina – Iceninja @ Frosty Faustings XI (@Iceninja77) January 23, 2019

Farming Simulator has a bigger esports scene than Heroes..

— Jake Kulinski (@SolidJakeGG) January 23, 2019

Farming Simulator became a legitimate esport before Pro Clubs…

It’s been a good run lads 👋

— JCC | Pro Clubs 🌍 (@WoJCC) January 23, 2019

In a welcome sign of synergy with the people who play and love its game, Giants Software envisioned the league after noticing grassroots competitions involving its game. “That’s when we realized that that’s something that we could potentially do on a bit more professional level,” Giants Software CEO Christian Ammann told the Esports Observer.


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