Midday open thread: Sharks, snailfish, and typewriters

It’s the last primary night of the year! New Yorkers head to the polls to choose nominees in state and local races (federal primaries were in June), with Democratic primaries for governor and attorney general headlining the day. Progressives are also trying to oust the eight state senators who made up the IDC, a group of turncoat Democrats who for years handed power to Republicans. You can find our preview of the key races right here, and you can join us for our liveblog at Daily Kos Elections when polls close at 9 PM ET. After that, we’ll see you on Nov. 6—Election Day!

Today’s comic by Ruben Bolling is An anonymous Op-Ed from the French Resistance of World War II:

Not exactly storm-preparedness, but …

A fake television image purporting to show that Florence “now contains sharks” started circulating earlier this week. The image is nearly identical to one that generated tens of thousands of shares online during Hurricane Irma. Although some circulating this fake image clearly know it’s a joke, not everyone seems to understand; Snopes has already posted a fact check on it.

And the NRCC tells McCain’s family to pound sand:

The family of John McCain sharply rebuked the National Republican Congressional Committee on Wednesday for releasing political advertisements that use footage of the late senator to attack Democratic candidates in Arizona and Michigan.

new and gooey stinker:

Three new species of fish, discovered by a massive team of researchers exploring the Atacama trench … Because their habitat is in the deepest trenches of the ocean, Atacama snailfish live without the fear of predation; five miles is an awfully deep dive for a meal … Unfortunately, these evolutionary lifehacks come with a price: When brought to the surface, the snailfish “melted” apart. 

An end to an era:

He didn’t mind being known as the area’s last full-time typewriter repairman. Bob Montgomery loved the things, and had since childhood in the 1930s. […]

Mr. Montgomery was 96 when he died Monday at a health-care facility in his hometown. He had tumbled when taking a bus, and never quite recovered.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, Trump goes Puerto Rico Truther. Former Trump exec offers insight on his craziest rants. Might Trump refuse to accept election results? Madison & “mob rule.” (But what if the “mob” is a distinct minority?) More evidence of Kavanaugh’s unfitness.

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