Materialist Atheists and Literalist Religionists are both stuck in outmoded dead-ends and will be sidelined by human progress

Consider: Scientists Now Believe That The Universe Itself Is Conscious

According to Matloff, a physicist at New York City College of Technology, in his recently published paper, humans could be like the rest of the universe, in substance and in spirit. Futurism reported that a “proto-consciousness field” could extend throughout all space. Basically, in lamens terms, the entire cosmos could be self-aware.

In other words: in such a case the universe could approximate to 'God'.

I don't personally hold with panpsychism but I do contend that there is no conflict between science and religion – it's just that people locked into the literal modes of both, act as thought there is.

Given that, I would further contend that science will eventually outstrip both these redundant modes of thought which are essentially materialist.

Religion – and particularly religious scripture – is a pre-scientific attempt to explain the great questions of life. It is framed as myth because myth was all we then had.

The question today is not, has science replaced myth? But rather, is myth still valid?

I say yes. Not as an explanation – we have science for that – but a a method of interacting with 'soul', something science does not (and cannot) address.

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