Is our realtor bad? Need your opinion

Hey guys, I would really appreciate your help here. I'm not sure if our realtor is bad or if we are just expecting too much. I'll try to outline our potential concerns and I'd appreciate your input! He is super nice, but some things bother my wife and I.

He often times kind of ghosts us. We'll be texting about a house, offer, etc and in the middle of the conversation, doesn't text us back for hours. Or he'll say something like "sending the offer letter over for you to sign" and then it doesn't come for an hour, and I'll text him wondering if something didnt go through or what and I get no response. It gets kind of annoying, as I rather him just respond with "let me find out" then just not responding at all.

He can be slow to make an offer. For example, we went to see a house at 4PM and knew we wanted to make an offer right then and now. He told us he had appointments and prior obligations set up, and we didn't officially get started on creating and signing our offer (online over email/text) until 10:30 PM, over 6 hours later. I know he is a human and has other clients, but in that time period another interested party toured the home and we could have potentially lost out.

We have tried to buy 4 homes now and have failed. I can't specifically tie this to him, but I wonder if maybe he isn't being aggressive enough. We've made offers that were good, not low balls, and a day later will be told by our realtor that the seller went with another offer. We never even get the chance to counter.

What do you guys think? I'd hate to leave him and find another realtor who is worse, and then make this guy who is otherwise very nice lose out on making money as we've been looking at houses with him for 6 months now. But on the other hand, don't want to stick with him if he's the reason we havent found a house yet. We are picky though. THanks

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