I Didn’t Get a Raise but Everyone Else Did

I’m a licensed mental health clinician. My company recently did a salary review and most of my co-workers, who have only 1-4 years of experience, received a salary increase and I did not.  I have been in the field for over 20 years. Four years ago, I decided to gracefully bow out of management, as my passion is in clinical work. 

I brought my concerns to my direct supervisor and then to the Department Administrator. I told him that I felt undervalued and not appreciated.  I seem to always be told, “you are paid at the higher end of the salary range.”  I am tired of hearing this and suggested that I should not be penalized because I have a significant amount of experience and do not want to advance to a management position again.  The administrator said they are working on a plan for bonuses for people like me, but that hasn’t happened.

I could quit, but I like the job. What can I do?

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