I (19 m) had to move to the last person I still speak with from “family” (cousin, m, 28) but the situation is as bad as when I lived “home”

I didnt really know how to sum this up in the title…long post I guess (english not my first language)

So to start, I left "the home" (because I dont consider that being my home – reasons below) in November after years of being mentally abused by "parents" for a rented place. I didnt have a lot of money & I had to leave that place in late February .

As another backstory – I dont know how many of you guys know or heard (not even something good) about Romania, but that's one thing media is absolutely right about – it's a horseshit of a country with almost half of the population leaving in the last thirty years. The jobs here are at least limited, I mean the average jobs that pay enough. Most of them work like this : work double,get paid half (as a comparison with someone working the same job in a better country).

Back to the main stuff…In this three months I was like half of the time happy (the other half containing PTSD episodes and other stuff all related to my childhood traumas).But still I was half of the time happy,that's 50% more than at "home" (where I was myself & in a good mental place only when I was left alone in my room). I worked hard on being myself, trying to get rid off the bad stuff and for once actually being able to do what I like, pursue my dreams (I worked a lot on one of mine – creative writing)…I also started to learn a lot about making money online (like dropshipping stores, reselling, stuff like that). When the time was up and I didnt have any money left (I mean I had q few bucks but still), I figured I will stay to my cousin (the only person from "family" that I've talked too in three months) till I get a job (which I am starting tomorrow btw). This is good, right? Well, the good part is that if this works out, I will be able to move to a cheap place in two weeks, the bad part is I dont know how to resist.

My cousin is a lot like the rest of the "family", no surprise I know, but he has his moments when he understands what the others dont – me being at his place is not normal, in a normal family it shouldnt have come to this. He says he has some kind of bipolar disorder but he uses it as a power (his words) when in fact all he does is get annoyed and yells for no real reason (example – yelled to me because i didnt record a conversation with an employer on the phone). His gf (he stays at her place 90% of the time) said the same thing about his behavior. He gives speeches about 5-7 times a day, reminds me every second to make eye contact with him, tells me that he doesnt want me to pay back (I offered because I am pretty confident on my overall knowledge and I really prefer to pay him than what he does now) but at every argument he brings the fact that he owns the place, threatened to kick me out for a night to "really appreciate what I do", tells me exactly what to say or act like, sometimes makes me say things like "yes,sir" (and if I say just yes, its not okay). He always changes his mind (almost made me choose the job he wanted for me – McDonalds, because he knows better as he said a lot lately because of his experience of working the last three years.Nothing before, now just a standard nine to five),he lies about not talking about me to "the father" (I caught him in the past, thats why I didnt share anything anymore and I wont share after I life his place) and many other stuff that I dont want to think about,those are the first things that came in my head.

I didnt have any other place to go otherwise I wouldnt have called him ever again. And to understand how important was that "mental holiday" for me, I would prefer to sleep on the streets than go back "home". The cousin tries to change my perspectives,views,everything, he wont be able to do that but it's hard for me to handle everything.

I am planning on talking to him some "truths" when I leave (how he is as manipulative as the other members from this fucking family and I didnt leave "home" to go to a similar place etc). What do you guys think? I am writing this because I am not confident enough about the whole situation. I didnt exagerate with the examples, most of them happened in the last few days.

Am I overreacting or any other thing? Thanks for reading. Tl;dr : I had to move to my cousin and I dont know how to handle the situation/if I am wrong.

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