Helpful Tips to Make Scheduling Easier

John starts his vacation a week from Wednesday and Sheila has a doctor’s appointment that will cause her to be out of the office all day next Friday. Olivia is taking half a day of vacation Tuesday to attend field day at her son’s school. Oh, and Chester needs to be off either Wednesday or Thursday for personal reasons.

Got all of that? And will you remember it hours from now when you sit down to compile your business’ schedule?

Managing employee schedule requests while trying to maintain balance in your personal and professional life can be a daunting task for even the most experienced managers.  While some businesses owners remain bogged down with paper vacation request forms and scribbled notes asking for certain days off, others have embraced the advantages that technology can offer.

Scheduling software offers many advantages for busy business owners and their employees. Most software can be customized to suit a specific business.

Systems can insure that employees with certain skills or certifications are available at all times and that productivity is maximized.

For example, the health care industry can be sure that a nurse certified in a particular field is available at all times as required by law, says Carlos Gonzalez, Insperity TimeStar sales director.

A Web-based system allows employees to log in from anywhere and see their schedule, available paid time off and also make requests for future time off. It also removes all possibility of favoritism towards scheduling requests of employees by removing the human decision-making element.

“It can even improve morale by providing better controls of their time to the employee,” says Gonzalez.

Since it is “hard to separate the schedule from timekeeping” Gonzalez advocates using an integrated scheduling and time tracking system for the most efficient operations.

Some sophisticated systems can use Global Positioning Systems in employee mobile devices and alert managers when an employee hasn’t arrived at their scheduled location, particularly helpful for mobile workers.

“A lot of companies say they’ve been in business for 15 years and done things the same way. But what is that costing? What is the manual system really costing you?” asks Gonzalez.

Time and attendance software can help business owners maintain strict control over their labor costs with real-time monitoring not available in more antiquated systems. It also removes the human margin of error.

A good work flow doesn’t just happen; careful planning and allocation of labor and skills can insure that your business’ Return on Investment (ROI) meets or exceeds expectations. Though some business owners will cling to the traditional “paper and pen” method of scheduling, savvy ones recognize and embrace the advantages that time management software can offer their companies.

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