God’s gift: how to look like Chris Hemsworth

More than 1 million people have already downloaded Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app. Why? Is it because they too want to look like a Norse demi-god?

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The actor Chris Hemsworth – Hollywood leading man, make-believe Thor – employs a small army of fitness professionals to maintain peak condition. There is the personal trainer he has known since he was eight, and the nutritionist and the Pilates coach and the yoga coach and the meditation guru. Even Hemsworth’s stunt double is part of the gang. Collectively the army is known as “The Chris Hemsworth Wellbeing Team”. Now they can be your wellbeing team too.

Earlier this year Hemsworth launched Centr, a fitness app that offers “everything you need” to “train, eat and live better,” according to the app’s website. Its content, aimed at both men and women, has been developed by trainers either previously employed by Hemsworth or newly tapped up by the actor to contribute workouts, meditation routines and healthy-eating recipes. Like the patron saints of wellness before him – Paltrow, Motivator – Hemsworth is keen to spread the gospel of wellbeing: eat well, exercise, de-stress. He has spent the past few years being professionally required to learn how to make his body appear superhuman, and he thinks, admirably, “Why shouldn’t you learn too?” “I feel so fortunate to have worked with incredible experts in the fields of health, nutrition, mindfulness and training,” he says. “So I thought, ‘Why not share that?’”

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