Fortnite: Season 8 hidden Battle Star and Banner locations

Season 8 is well underway, so let’s take a look at where you can find some hidden Battle Stars.

Much like the Snowfall challenges from Season 7, the Discovery challenges are extra challenges you can complete to earn extra rewards.

If you manage to complete all 11 challenges, you’ll be rewarded with a special Season 8 Banner. Complete 55 weekly challenges and you’ll be rewarded with the Ruin skin, which will likely be tied to an in-game event towards the end of Season 8.

If you managed to complete all the weekly challenges, you’ll be treated to a new loading screen. These loading screens reveal the whereabouts of hidden Battle Stars and Banners, as well as hint at upcoming events in-game.

There are two hidden Battle Stars and Banners available to find right now and we know the location of a few more.

Fortnite: Week 1 Battle Star

You’ll be able to find the Week 1 Battle Star at one of the new locations, Lazy Lagoon.

To find it, look for the white tower with the red roof at Lazy Lagoon. Climb on to the roof to find the Battle Star, but watch out for opponents.

Fortnite: Week 2 Banner

The Week 2 Banner is in the volcano near Sunny Steps. Dive into the volcano and head to the throne room to find the banner on the wall.

Fortnite: Week 3 Battle Star

The Week 3 Battle Star has an Indian Jones theme about it, showing Sidewinder running through a temple holding the snake backbling from the Battle Pass.

Once you’ve completed all of the Week 3 challenges, you’ll be able to find the star at the top of the steps of one of the Aztec temples.

Fortnite: Week 4 Banner

The Week 4 loading screen shows off Peely surrounded by slightly rotting bananas, which is just as cultish as it sounds.

A banner can be spotted on the fire pyre behind the bananas, so head to the top of the volcano that overlooks the Aztec steps to find it.

Fortnite: Week 5 Battle Star

The Week 5 loading screen shows off the new Boom Bow and reveals the next Battle Star location. Head to the first lava fall to find it.

Fortnite: Week 6 Banner

The Week 6 Banner can be found in Lazy Lagoon, west of the boat. It should be near the large stone face in the trees from a previous challenge.

Fortnite: Week 7 Battle Star

The Week 7 loading screen shows a rabbit in the top left corner, which gives you a clue about where to look. Head over to the giant wooden rabbit from a previous challenge to find your Battle Star.

Fortnite: Week 8 Banner

The Week 8 loading screen we’ve seen before, but this time there are co-ordinates visible, namely B6, B7, C6 and C7. In the middle of those co-ordinates, you’ll find the Week 8 Banner.

Fortnite Season 8 Weekly challenges

Week 7 Challenges

Visit Pirate Camps in a single match

Week 6 Challenges

Visit a wooden rabbit, a stone pig and a metal llama

Visit the highest elevations on the island

Search where the knife points on the treasure map

Week 5 Challenges

Complete a lap of the race track in Happy Hamlet

Get 15 bounces using a Bouncy Ball Toy

Week 4 Challenges

Use The Baller in different matches

Search for buried treasure

Week 3 Challenges

Search where the magnifying sits on the Treasure Map

Destroy Cacti in the Desert

Week 2 Challenges

Visit the furthest north, south, east, and west points of the island.

Week 1 Challenges

Visit all Pirate Camps

Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle and the snow

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