Fortnite: Pirate Cannon Locations

To earn some extra battle stars you’re going to have to get acquainted with Fortnite’s newest weapon-vehicle hybrid: the Pirate Cannon. Next to the trusty cutlass, is there a nautical weapon as piratey as a cannon?

Along with “Visit the furthest north, south, east, and west points on the island“, one of this week’s challenges is to deal damage to enemies using the Pirate Canon, so here’s where you can find one.

Not only can you wheel a Pirate Cannon around like a shopping trolley, but it fires explosive cannonballs like a mounted turret. The cannonballs break through all kinds of objects and structures instantly, making this a unique weapon and a powerful tool against late game bases.

It’s best feature though, is that you can enter the front of the cannon and fire yourself out of the front. It’s a great way to cover a decent amount of distance quickly, and your character will break through objects and scenery, so it’s good for re-positioning.

The majority of the Pirate Cannons are in the Pirate Camps around the map, but there are a few in different places like Lazy Lagoon and east of Happy Hamlet.

We’ll add more locations as we find them, but let us know in the comments if you find any!

Fortnite Pirate Cannon Locations

We’ll split the locations where you can find Pirate Cannons by biome:

Snow Pirate Cannons

There’s a Pirate Cannon on the back of a truck on the road between Happy Hamlet and Lucky Landing. It’s just a little to the west of the bridge between the two areas.
You can find a few Cannons at the camp to the northwest of Shifty Shafts

Desert Pirate Cannons

There’s another camp to the northwest of Paradise Palms. It’s near the bridge that connects the desert to the rest of the map

Jungle Pirate Cannons

The large pirate ship in the centre of Lazy Lagoon houses some Pirate Cannons in its middle decks
You’ll find another camp to the northwest of Lazy Lagoon, complete with Cannons
Just to the southeast of the Volcano is another camp with more Cannons

Grassy Pirate Cannons

On top of the hill to the northwest of Fatal Fields and southwest of Salty Springs you’ll find yet another camp with Cannons
Just to the west of Dusty Divot there’s a camp with Cannons
The last set of Cannons we’ve found are to the southwest of Pleasant Park, just south of the mountain

Fortnite Season 8 Weekly challenges

Week 2 Challenges

Visit the furthest north, south, east, and west points of the island.

Week 1 Challenges

Visit all Pirate Camps

Visit a giant face in the desert, the jungle and the snow

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