Fortnite: Dance on top of a Water Tower, Ranger Tower, Air Traffic Control Tower

This multi-tiered Fortnite challenges takes you to a couple of classic locations, as well as a new favourite. Here’s where you need to go to dance on top of a Water Tower, Ranger Tower and Air Traffic Control Tower to complete the Week 5 challenge in Fortnite Season 7.

These locations are quite far away from each other, and are quite high off of the ground, so unless you’ve got a decent amount of materials for building and are happy to leave yourself exposed to snipers, it’s easier just to complete this challenge across three separate games by dropping right in on where you need to go.

It’s also worth noting that because this is a staged challenge, you have to visit the Water Tower first, followed by the Ranger Tower, and then finally the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Dance on top of a Water Tower

This should be one of the more familiar locations you need to visit for this week’s challenge. The Water Tower is in the southeast of Retail Row, and often has a chest spawn on top of it.

Dance on top of a Ranger Tower

The Ranger Tower is over on the east side of the map, in the south of Lonely Lodge. It’s actually quite a good place to start a game if you just want to drop in there, since there are two chest spawns at the top – one on the walkway, one in the hut – as well as another one inside the body of the tower.

Dance of top of an Air Traffic Control Tower

To find the Air Traffic Control Tower, head over to the new icy area and look for the red building with a white satellite dish in centre of Frosty Flights. It’s just to the north of where “Flights” is written on the map.

For help with the rest of this week’s challenges, including how to search between a Giant Rock Man, Crowned Tomato and an Encircled Tree, take a look at our main Season 7 Week 5 Fortnite challenge page.

Fortnite Season 7 Weekly challenges

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