Five Teams Tony Romo Could Help Win Super Bowl 54 – Will He Return in 2019?

Everyone loves a good story.

Former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback Tony Romo helps fuel the fire these days as a brilliant color analyst for CBS, but he recently helped prop up rumors involving his potential return to the NFL.

The 39-year-old former signal caller has said for the past two years that his playing days are well behind him, but it’s fair to wonder if that’s true.

I do tend to believe that Romo loves his job and may not have a massive interest in playing again. He’s amazing at it, too, but his wealth of knowledge and natural passing talent also force you to think about him going back to give his career the proper ending it arguably deserves.

Romo will surely quiet the chatter in coming weeks, but the more he calls games that feature 40-year-old passers like Tom Brady and Drew Brees, the more he has to think about whether or not one last attempt at that elusive ring could be worth it.

Tony Romo Prop Bet

Vegas is being a little more specific than just wondering if Romo will consider playing again. They’re asking bettors to predict his exact career choice going into 2019.

It feels like Romo is set on what he’s doing right now, but his ability to diagnose plays and predict things on the fly is pretty impressive. So impressive, in fact, that Bovada wonders if it’ll land him a coordinator gig.

Here are the latest Tony Romo odds regarding his future career choice.

TV Analyst-500
NFL Quarterback+300
Offensive Coordinator+500
Defensive Coordinator+1600

Romo is already working for CBS and doing a fantastic job. That’s understandably where he’s probably staying, too. However, he’s admitted being offered various positions back in the league and you know he has to at least be mildly interested.

The coordinator gigs are what are probably a bit more realistic, with Romo running someone’s offense likely taking the cake. Then again, given his ability to predict plays before they happen, the +1600 bet to run a defense (or at least operate as a defensive consultant) could make a lot of sense.

Romo’s passion, however, is offensive football. If he ditches his microphone for the NFL again, my guess is it’d be for one last go at a Super Bowl as a quarterback or to do so on the sidelines.

Before I make my pick for this prop, let’s break down what Romo might have left as a player and which teams could make sense for him in 2019.

Can Tony Romo Still Play?

Nobody can know for sure if Romo still “has it,” but I’d bet that he does. The main hang-up for Romo when he retired two years ago was his health, yet the last time we saw him with the Dallas Cowboys, he was actually at 100% and looked good on the field.

Romo was always mobile, always accurate, and was very good at reading and reacting to NFL defenses. Provided he gets himself into shape and dedicates himself, he should still have the natural talent and intelligence to thrive at the highest level.

It’s not like Romo is ancient even for modern football.

A slew of quarterbacks are right around his age, and several have put up elite production even when they’ve been older. Romo would need elite pass protection and a solid supporting cast, but he personally should still have the talent to get the job done.

As was the case when he initially retired, the only real deterrent here would be whether or not Romo can actually stay healthy.

Five Teams Romo Could Lead to Super Bowl 54

There is a great need for quality quarterback play in the NFL. A number of teams would gladly welcome Romo on their roster to at least compete or mentor, while a slew of franchises probably still think he can help them win a Super Bowl.

I’d be in that group if I were running a pro football team, as Romo is a winner that was time and time again held back by variables beyond his control. Romo was also only getting better with age, but injuries and a regressing supporting cast ultimately weighed him down.

In the right setting, Romo could find great success again and potentially even be a franchise’s savior. Here are five realistic Tony Romo landing spots for 2019, should Romo shock the world and come out of retirement.

New England Patriots

This one is pretty simple. Tom Brady has to retire, and then Romo has to want to come back.

There wouldn’t be a better time for Brady to call it quits if the Pats ended up winning Super Bowl 53, while there also wouldn’t be a better spot for Romo to chase a championship than with New England.

Romo is actually a better overall talent than Brady from a physical perspective, and based on how he called the AFC title game, he may know the offense pretty well. If the Pats are in need of a new starter come 2019, don’t doubt for a second they’ll give him a call.

New England boasts fun +1000 Super Bowl odds for next year already and looks like one of the better Super Bowl 54 values out there. Landing Romo (assuming Brady retires) would keep them in the conversation, per usual.

Jacksonville Jaguars

A more realistic option is without a doubt the Jaguars. A legit Super Bowl threat just a year ago, Jacksonville fell apart this year largely due to shoddy quarterback play and injuries.

Jacksonville still has the framework of a title contender, but you wouldn’t really know it by what they did in 2018 or how Vegas sets them up for 2019 (+3300 Super Bowl 54 odds at

I still think the Jaguars are a bit of a sleeping giant, though. The defense is there for them to bounce back, and if they can upgrade under center and solidify their offensive weapons, they’re again going to be a team to fear.

Would Tony Romo buy into that enough to take the plunge for a year or two in Florida? Probably not, but he’d at least have to hear them out if they made the appropriate changes before contacting him.

Denver Broncos

There’s also Denver, who might have their guy already in Case Keenum, but judging by what happened in 2018, they also might not.

John Elway has never been afraid to roll the dice, as evidenced by making a move for Peyton Manning several seasons ago. If he feels that Romo is a massive upgrade over what he has now (and he is), and it could boost Denver’s weak +6600 title odds, why wouldn’t he take the dive?

I know that Elway would, and in a recent interview, Romo admitted he’s been sought after in the not too distant past. Could Denver have been a team interested in his services before paying for Keenum this past offseason? I believe that could be true.

If the Broncos aren’t sold on Keenum but think they have everything else in place to make a deep playoff run (I think they might), pinching Romo’s arm one more time might be worth their time.

Miami Dolphins

This might be the least attractive spot on this list when it comes to a Tony Romo comeback, but hey, he’d get to live in South Beach and battle Tom Brady two times a year.

The Dolphins honestly aren’t in that bad of shape, either. Miami has a slew of solid running backs, they have a solid no-name defense, and they have enough weapons in the passing game to allow for Romo to have consistent success through the air.

Miami is also slated to bring on New England Patriots coordinator Brian Flores as their next head coach, so the pieces could be falling in place for the Dolphins (+10000 Super Bowl odds) to make a run for it.

Vegas doesn’t agree, quite obviously, as Miami literally owns the worst Super Bowl 54 odds you can stumble upon. That being said, if they landed Romo, a lot of their offensive problems would be fixed, and the top Super Bowl betting sites would have to adjust their thinking.

Carolina Panthers

To me, this is the top spot for Tony Romo to unretire and make one last run at a title.

Cam Newton is potentially on the shelf for all of 2019, and provided he doesn’t mind Romo coming in and stealing his thunder for a year, this could be an amazing match for both sides.

Carolina is already going to be in serious trouble if Cam Newton is actually going to miss the 2019 NFL season. Their entire offense will likely have to change, and if they’re already facing drastic alterations and the reality of another losing season, why not aim high?

The Panthers started off 2018 looking like one of the better teams in football but deteriorated due to Newton’s ineffectiveness because of a shoulder issue. On paper, Carolina can run the football as well as anyone, they have plenty of offensive weapons to work with, and they also have a very capable defense.

If the Panthers can beef up their defense some more and replace Newton with Romo for a year, they’d suddenly be a very appealing +3300 Super Bowl wager.

Will Tony Romo Come Out of Retirement?

This post certainly talks Romo up a bit, and the idea of him returning to chase down a ring is exciting. I just don’t anticipate it will happen.

Tony Romo is arguably one of the more underrated NFL quarterbacks in league history, but he’s had back issues and spent his entire career with the Dallas Cowboys. Players that do that tend to stay retired, as keeping your resume in one city is a fairly prestigious thing to look back on.

If Dak Prescott suffered a season-ending injury and Dallas called up Romo, I’m sure it’d tickle him for a second. Even then, I’m assuming we’ve seen the last of Tony Romo, the player.

It’s still an interesting thought, while the other two wagers involving Romo’s return to the NFL as a coordinator really aren’t that crazy. For 2019, though, I feel like the best jobs are already spoken for. With Romo calling Super Bowl 53, he’s going to be even further behind the rest of his competition for any remaining gigs.

Romo has also never coached before, so even though he immediately excelled at his current job right from the jump, it’s possible NFL teams would prefer to bring him on in a smaller role at first.

For now, I’m sticking with Romo remaining with CBS for 2019. The payout isn’t great at -500, but sometimes it’s better to be right than chase profit that you’re simply not going to get.

PICKTV Analyst-500

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