Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph – What Is Your Body Type?

Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph - What Is Your Body TypeForget about pears and
apples – there’s a more accurate way to figure out what is your
body type. And even more importantly, this body type theory makes
it times and times easier for you to find the perfect workout and
diet plan which can actually help you lose weight.

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This theory is more than well-known within the fitness-circle
and often, even professional athletes and personal trainers base
their whole workout plan on this theory.

According to the theory which gained more popularity already in
the 1940s categorizes bodies into 3 groups: ectomorph, endomorph,
and mesomorph.

Almost everyone can categorize their body into one of these
groups and find the perfect workout and nutrition plan according to

1. Ectomorph body type (a.k.a the “thin” type)

Ectomorph body type

A typical ectomorph:

tall and lean with thin long limbs
“hardgainer” – won’t gain much weight, no matter how
much they eat. This also means they find it hard to build
fast metabolism
narrow shoulders
flat chest

Ectomorphs are described as “fragile and delicate” people
who have very small joints and muscles. Ectomorphs tend to struggle
with muscle gain, so while training, the main focus should be on
strength training that uses several muscle groups at once opposed
to using just one specific muscle group.

Ectomorphs shouldn’t focus on cardio much since they have
issues storing fat as it is. Strength training is the key here!

What to eat as an ectomorph?

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Ectomorphs are the ones many of us envy: they can eat virtually
anything without gaining weight.

Of course, even ectomorphs need to keep an eye on their diet
since empty calories are no good for any body types. As the
ectomorph body is a bit more friendly towards carbs, you can
indulge more on carbs but opt for complex carbs like brown rice
which helps to keep you fuller for longer.

2. Mesomorph body type (a.k.a the “muscular” type)

Mesomorph body type

A typical mesomorph:

very well-defined muscles, greater muscle mass, typically
great posture
gains muscle very easily
“middle” body type between ectomorph and endomorph, gains
fat more easily as well

Mesomorphs are often regarded as the “perfect” ones because
of their nicely defined muscles and easy muscle gain. For that
reason, mesomorphs don’t have to struggle much with their workout
either – they can use moderate weights and balance their workout
with cardio, so they wouldn’t have to worry about fat gain.

What to eat as a mesomorph?


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As a medium body type, mesomorphs should have a well-balanced
diet plan which includes protein, fat and complex carbs, all in a
moderate amount.

Since muscle gain comes easily for mesomorphs, it’s not
essential to add protein supplements to your diet. By keeping the
diet healthily balanced, everything should be perfectly fine.

3. Endomorph body type (a.k.a the “curvy” type)

Endomorph body type

A typical endomorph:

round, wide and soft body
weight loss is often very difficult
easy to gain muscle but fat tends to “camp” at the
abdominal area (body tends to store both muscle and fat)
slow metabolism
stronger than other body types but hard to stay lean

The third body type – endomorph – tends to struggle with
weight since endomorph’s body loves to store fat. For this
reason, it’s essential for endomorphs to focus on intense cardio
by doing interval training (like HIIT). This way they can lose the
annoying fat and boost their metabolism which tends to be

What to eat as an endomorph?

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Endomorphs are in the toughest position since their body tends
to hold on tightly from everything they eat. Their diet plan needs
to be more strict, especially when it comes to the carbs

However, as a general rule: if you avoid simple carbs and opt
for a protein-rich diet with complex carbs, you can easily hit your
weight loss and training goals.

Nothing is black and white: you are probably a combination of these
3 body types

Most people can easily place themselves somewhere within those 3
body type frames. Some people are naturally curvier, some people
are naturally tall and lean.

However, despite our genetic makeup, nothing is black and white.
In fact, most people aren’t “clean” versions of those body
types, instead, their bodies can be defined as combinations of the
main body types.

As described in Coach, “We all have some aspects of
endomorphy, mesomorphy, and ectomorphy.

To figure out the exact mix, a method called the Heath-Carter
method is used. This approach gives a score for each body type on a
scale of one to seven and the result will determine whether
you’re more of an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph and what is
the exact balance between the body types.

For example, if you’re more of a pear shape, that might
indicate your upper body is more ectomorphic and your lower body is
tilted towards endomorphic body type.

Your body type is not an excuse nor an obstacle

After figuring out your body type, you might be wondering:
“Ugh, well, I’m an endomorph so there’s no chance for me to
lose weight and I’ll just stop working out…”

However, you shouldn’t treat your body type as an excuse to
stop reaching your training goals or as an impossible obstacle.
Instead, appreciate your body type for what it is and learn to live
with it by tweaking your diet plan and workout accordingly.

If you’re an endomorph, you’re probably naturally curvier
which makes you especially attractive. If you’re an ectomorph,
you rarely need to worry about your diet. If you’re a mesomorph,
you’re the happy “medium” that has all the benefits. And if
you’re a combination of some specific types, you get to enjoy
even greater perks according to your build.

Each body type has something great about it – something that
makes it loveable and attractive. The key to reaching your goals is
to understand your body, not to force wrong training plans on it. A
healthy balanced diet is a key component for every body type.
Remember that everyone has a chance to achieve their dream body, no
matter the genetic makeup. Appreciate your body and enjoy the perks
you’re born with!

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