Crayola has a makeup line and our childhood dreams are coming true


Crayola is getting into the makeup game. 

Like Lunchables and Tamagotchis, Crayola’s 64 piece box of crayons was the envy of elementary school. If you walked into class with one of those, you were guaranteed to be one the trendiest kids on the playground. And let’s be honest — in addition to coloring in acrostic poems about spring and secretly illustrating scenes on the walls, who didn’t try to use the brightly hued crayons to draw on themselves?

Good news: you finally can. 

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Crayola recently launched a line of beauty products in partnership with ASOS, complete with retro packaging and rainbow shades that will definitely leave you nostalgic for kindergarten. The collection includes 58 colorful products that come in a whopping 95 shades, including shimmering highlighters, neon mascaras, and an array of face crayons — which look super similar to Crayola’s actual crayons, but these are probably better for your skin than pigmented paraffin. Read more…

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