Cloak says he’ll reveal ‘everything’ about his time with FaZe Clan in furious tweetstorm

Cloakzy, much like Tfue, is currently in the middle of a dirty divorce from FaZe Clan. The Fortnite superstar furiously took to Twitter on June 23rd to threaten to reveal every detail of his mistreatment.

Tfue’s exit from FaZe Clan wasn’t pretty and involved a lot of drama. Now, Cloakzy is having a similar time of leaving the organization. After revealing some of his contract details, Cloak is now threatening to reveal ‘everything.’

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In a Sunday Twitter tirade, the pro seems to have had enough of FaZe Clan’s alleged garbage. Monday, June 24th may turn out to be an exciting day for Fortnite esports fans.

The Cloak vs. FaZe Clan Situation So Far

Tfue and Cloak say goodbye to FaZe Clan’s underhand contracts – via Cloak

Before we get into the latest tweets, let’s go through some contextual information. On his stream, Cloak explained some of his frustrations with FaZe Clan and how he has been trying to leave the org.

“I don’t wanna be transferred, so I don’t know why they put that in there,” he said. “I’ve been trying to leave for the past six months before the whole Tfue thing came out. I just went with the more passive route. I with with the route of ‘Listen, I’m willing to work this out.”

According to Cloak, he has been trying to leave FaZe Clan through calm and calculated means. He doesn’t want to a hothead, but now the org has forced the player’s hand. As soon as the confirmation of Cloak’s failure to qualify for the World Cup was official, FaZe Clan declared it was open to let the man go.

Though, as the clip and statement above show, they did not “waste” time in telling Cloak.

#Fortnite: @FaZeClan & @cloakzy are in agreement to work towards his future departure from our team.We will be open to transfer proposals from other organizations as we explore our options moving forward.#FaZeUp

— #FaZeUp (@FaZeUpdate) June 22, 2019

“They didn’t come to me before posting a TwitLonger, so it seems like now they are in agreement in letting me go because now I didn’t qualify for the World Cup it seems like,” Cloak said while streaming to thousands.

Cloakzy threatens to drop bombshell info about FaZe

FaZe Clan’s failed sleigh-of-hand tactics have now riled Cloak up. In adverse to his usually calm style of negotiation, he now threatening to reveal ‘everything.’

Imma stream tomorrow no filter fuck it. EVERYTHING COMING OUT NOW BOYS WOOOOOOO

— creatorcode: cloakzy (@cloakzy) June 23, 2019

With everything that has been hitting FaZe, the organization’s chiefs could be in a panic. Tfue’s original contract was an abysmal display of player recruitment and Cloak’s experience could be even worse.

The Tfue lawsuit is still on-going and the ex-FaZe pro has been careful to keep his lips sealed. If Cloak has no intention of suing FaZe Clan, he might well reveal damaging information about the org’s dealings with players, internal struggles, and more.

Cloak also called FaZe Clan and any other company looking to set up a transfer proposal ‘thick-headed.’ Strong words that suggest the player will not be looking to join another org any time soon.

if any org messages you guys for a “transfer proposal” they are as thick headed as you guys. Jesus man

— creatorcode: cloakzy (@cloakzy) June 23, 2019

We’ll keep you updated as the story continues to unfold. You can expect at least a few juicy details from Cloak’s stream in the coming days.

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