BTS’s Vacation Just Started But “Rapper V” Is Already Running Wild

Now that V is on vacation, his inner rapper is free to come out and slay!



BTS’s 2-month hiatus began on August 12, following the Lotte Family Concert. Big Hit Entertainment‘s official notice about the matter suggested that BTS would be out of the public eye until October, but this doesn’t seem to be the case!



On August 13, V posted a lipsync video to Aminé‘s “BLACKJACK”, captioned “yeah~~hi”. In it, he lipsyncs to the song while walking around with a self-cam, creating his own music video. 

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Rapper V’s feeling himself from beginning to end, but the highlight is when he raps, “you’re killin’ my vibe (killin’ it), Get out my zone (get out my zone, b*tch)”. 

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Thanks to V, Aminé is now trending in various countries on Twitter…


…and “get out my zone” might soon be too!

@heyamine yeah~~hi🤔

— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) August 13, 2019


BTS’s members just can’t resist hanging out with ARMY on their vacay! Check out what Jimin has been up to so far here:

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