Brace For Interdimensional Shift Into The New Home On A Higher Platform

We as representatives of the Order of Seraphim offer you an incentive/powerful call to action. At the shift of ages, and the arrival of the age of Aquarius, golden age as we battle the last inner and outer demons of the Kali Yuga/age of Pisces, this transition time is like no other. We are writing in connection with a Discord-platform-based group/server dubbed "Warriors for Change". We are looking for genuine Light Warriors to contribute to this colossal undertaking to initiate a Planetary Shift, topple dark energies on power. Engage in further communication and respond positively to this message if it piqued your interest or fascination/feel an inner calling to join us on this endeavor. I will go into further details as you could be one who appreciates technical elaborations/breakdowns and would like to learn more instantly- to make sure this is what you really wish to opt in on. (A Discord group-server and intel-hub that has no irrelevant members, negative drama or anything off-topic- if you connect to its collectively shaped and developed frequency, you will sense the streamlined Source/God Consciousness).

Energy of All-that-is "flows" evenly, and although it does not lack direction and orientation, it sure lack momentum/intelligent complex design.

People (light emissaries, holders), auric containers, specially arranged crystals can serve as anchor points. It is us who have to use it for the right thing, and coordinate it to be in the right place/intended etheric location at the right timing- all that, engineered in the right way that adds up, from all the intricate aspects. The modus operandi is based on/relies on superconductivity, the cyclotron is constituted by superimposing wave structures that must not juxtapose. A potent touchdown: thunderstruck by raw cosmic energies- a normal human container would be insufficient. This takes immense preparation which you will be automatically aligned in receiving, should you choose to volunteer on this exciting transcendental adventure.

We are highly focused and streamlined. Our basic aim-quintessence is to harness all available energies to create an interdimensional rift/gate to haven that can propel us to 5th dimension and beyond, also fueled by the bowels of the earth- which constructs a beastly cyclotrone that irons out certain unwanted specific frequency-sets, diminishes their influence on the collective.I will need to meditate on each location, to properly transmit the light quotient temporarily boost multi-fold in each participant. Nature is a conduit, so is Ether. Then I will bathe in the lightning nebula while invoking the Ultracapacitator, the majestic all-sweeping Hybrid Titan to distribute to different location in each fork of thunder (in layman's terms).

I personally do not have to call upon anything especially Source-energies, as I function as a direct conduit/nexus, I just have to find anchor points to synchronistically load it with, for which task we require plenty.

With the help and contribution of the various entities/gods/metaphysical high priests we listed on this endeavor. Launching sequence itself will only take place when we reach the focus of sufficient amount of light warriors, also aligned with the perihelion of the grand cosmic momentum to release this pulse-wave+cyclotron- we are still in the initial but progressed gathering/recruitment phase.

Associated networks/information repository:

(Planetary Ascension Team)

All the best,

Perfect Storm (Psychic Trainer/ Soul Mentor, Quantum Tele-Healer, Mental Projector, Neoplatonic/Gnostic Occultist, Otherkin, Astral/Light Warrior, Writer).

Further information of what we strive for/to get ball rolling in the world posted below for introductory purposes, and as a means of appetizer written by Arrwyn:

"The Purpose of this site is to gather spiritual warriors. People of exceptional spiritual strength and commitment to eventually engage in one, all or nothing, attempt to defeat greed and avarice in the human experience and replace it with an attitude of Egalitarian Environmentalism. We will discuss the exact wording of an INTENTION to defeat greed and avarice in the human consciousness, especially of the top 3% of the financial structure of this planet, and replace that sense of greed and avarice with Egalitarian Environmentalism. Our objective is basically to engineer an all-sweeping tornado that operates on a selective frequency- devouring all in its coded path."

The Intention (First Draft): I intend that what is greedy in the human collective mind be swept away and replaced with a sense of equality toward all human beings. I intend that those in positions of financial power cease to consider the planet and all on it as merchandise and become aware of the interrelation of all life on this planet and mindful of the spirit of the planet, itself. I intend that the industries of Banking, Fossil Fuel, Chemistry, Ag-Business and Pharmaceuticals cease to consider profits above all else and devote themselves to the true betterment of humanity and the preservation of the cycle of all life. That they become champions of Ecological commitment.

Addendum: This intention to affect first the top financial 3% of the world all over the planet. If greed and avarice can not be changed in the human minds of that 3%, that those minds be wiped clean of all cognitive ability! As I will it, so shall it be!"

"The process of this endeavor (initial version):

Each warrior will hold the single intention in your mind for 15 minutes. During this time you will collect cosmic energy and cycle it between each of us gathering and projecting until I give the signal then we all release the energy and the intention at one and the same moment, from wherever we are in the world. Then we wait to see what happens."

"Banking is a completely arbitrary business based on the greed of the 1%

Ag-business has nothing at all to do with farming rationally and everything to do with putting as much mony as possible in the pockets of only a few families. ALL the food distribution in the world is in the hands of only about 7 families!

Do I even need to explain what Chemistry has done to this planet and to humans? Agent Orange. nuff said

All fossil fuels are "liquid death" they are made in the earth from the death and dessication of dinosaurs. And … we DO NOT NEED THEM

The pharmaceutical industry is NOT in the business of saving lives and alleviating pain. They are in the business of MAKING MONEY."

Otherkin/starseed/lightworker/lightwarrior community platform co-owned by an approved light-warrior associate that we have just launched:

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