#Bitcoin 4h chart update! 06/14/19 9:55 pm

#Bitcoin 4h chart update! 06/14/19 9:55 pm

Bitcoin / Dollar BITFINEX:BTCUSD


Bitcoin jumped today late in the US session reaching 8700 after a period of multiple uptrending waves . This could be the D leg of the triangle and it could climb a little higher without hurting anything on the count. Above 9100, the triangle count will be invalidated and we will have to switch. It can also be an X wave with the Y leg still to come to complete the C leg. No evidence yet that the price is turning and unless we drop at least below 8200 I will keep looking higher. Sometimes you think something is gonna happen and it doesn’t. Is it the elliot wave methodology at fault ? I don’t think so. We need to adapt to the market and respect the price’s decision to do whatever it wants, if you don’t you will be in a world of pain trading.
I recorded a brand new video today on you tube under “cryptocowboy” account where i discuss the potential moves and what is happening going forward.
I have opened 3 telegram channels focused on crypto, forex and commodities , where I will be updating more charts and more frequent analysis along with market commentary. Since i cannot post links here , if you want to join you can go to telegram and search for “cowboy forex markets” , “cowboy crypto markets” and “cowboy commodities markets” . They are free and we will focus only on elliot wave learning and discussions.

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