Australian Retailers That Offer Drop Shipping

Australian Retailers That Offer Drop Shipping

If you want to start an online business selling goods, but don’t have a lot of room for stock, nor much money to buy stock, I suggest you try Drop Shipping.

Drop Shipping is where you advertise a product, sell the product to the consumer, then the supplier delivers the goods directly to the consumer. You don’t need to mail it out or worry about shipping and can just take the cut of the profit. As easy as this sounds, be careful. Choose companies with a good reputation that has previous experience in Drop Shipping. You don’t want to sell a product to your customers and not have the item arrive, nor do you want to work with a company that may offer comparable rates but are very difficult to communicate with.

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Advantages to Drop Shipping:

Profits on products are usually around the 20% plus mark.
No outlay for stock
No storage of stock
No handling of stock

Negatives to Drop Shipping:

One thing you really have to consider with Dropshipping is that your postage time will be significantly longer than if you posted the item directly from Australia.  You don’t want to get cranky customers demanding their money back a week or two after ordering if that is how long it will take their product to reach them.  So either disclose that you are a drop shipper, or make it clear on point of sale your delivery times.
Unreliable suppliers

Finding a decent list of reputable drop shippers in Australia has been hard to find in the past, but I have collated a list for you!  Tell them we sent you!

How to Set Up a Dropshipping Store

Good news is that Shopify now has an e-commerce platform that you can set up for Dropshipping!  Not many other e-commerce platforms offer the drop shipping option.  So when starting up your online store – certainly look at Shopify to get started – it will save you loads of heartache later on!

Once you have a Shopify store, you sign up for various apps that link you to dropshipping providers.  Although these apps are fantastic and make it easy for you to start a dropshipping business in literally hours, some of them have a monthly cost.  The good thing is that most have a free trial period too – so give them a try – just don’t forget to switch them off if they aren’t working for you.

The apps include businesses like:

Aliexpress Dropshipping
Printful (which prints t-shirts, mugs and towels on demand)
Collective Fab
Zonify (which is an Amazon Dropshipping App)


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Major Drop Shipping Companies:

These are major Dropshipping companies that work with Australia that focus just on dropshipping and offer a multitude of products.

Dropship Australia
Daily Trader
Factory Fast
National Product Fulfilment
Always Direct
Wholesale Central
Albany Distributing
Worldwide Brands
Dropship Zone

Our List of Australian Dropshipping Suppliers

Remember this list is updated constantly – so check back if you can’t find what you are looking for!!!!!


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Australian Fashion Drop Shippers:

Azadi Designer Fashion Online
Coco Fashion
Daring Diva Australia (Plus Size Women’s Clothing)
Pearl and Honey
Striking Fashion Australia
Wedding Star
Style State
Pearl & Honey Wholesale Australia

Swimwear and Activewear Drop Shippers:

White Rabbit Swimwear
Arkhe Lane Activewear and Neyku Swimwear
Bobbi Sunshine (Kids Swimwear)
Elysian Swim Australia (swimwear)
Infamous Swim
Solace The Label (Luxury Formal, Prom and Evening Wear)
Carlyle The Label (Luxe Ethical and Eco Swim and Activewear)
Harmony Inspired (Activewear)
Alokia Athletica (Ethical Yoga Wear for Women)
SunHaze Swimwear and Beachwear
Pimpos Swimwear
Lisa Maree Swimwear

Maternity Wear Dropshippers:

Malt Maternity

Wholesale Suppliers:

Style State (Wholesalers)
The Fashion Hub

Custom T-Shirts:

Dropshirt (Dropshipping of T-Shirts)
Printful (US based but ship to Australia)
Parkway Designs

Beauty, Cosmetics and Perfume:

Mineral X Factor

Born Pretty Nail Art

Home Decor & Furniture Drop Shippers:
Dasch Design (Furniture)
Hartldn (Cushions, Prints, Children’s Product’s, Bedding, Candles)
Tribal Beach (Round towels and beach bags)
Theo & Joe

Adult Product Drop Shippers:

Lon Brook

Technology and Entertainment Drop Shippers:

Sanity Entertainment Drop Shipping (dvd’s, gaming and entertainment)


Jewellery, Handbag & Accessory Drop Shippers:

Sassy Sista Sunglasses
Melange Chic (Kaftans, Scarves and Jewellery)
Gemmie More Jewellery and Watches
Bella Boutique
Weddingstar (Wedding Accessories)
oNecklace (Jewellery)
Tootsun’s Hand Crafted Jewellery
Wholesale Bazaar
Vera May Handbags
No More Ugly Camera Bags

Baby & Children’s Clothing:

On Chic Baby Clothes
Hip Kids
Wholesale Baby
Kidz Wear Australia
Kids Clothing Direct
Lime Tree Kids
Blue Sky Kids Land
Wholesale Baby
Stix and Stones Baby
Deezo Kidswear
Wild Chase (Baby & Toddler Footwear)

Stationery and Planners:

Canvast Co

Kids Toys & Games:

Eleganter Australia
Elektra Bub
Hip Kids
Little Smiles
Simply Wholesale

Gourmet Food and Drink:

Just Fresh Roasted (supplier of coffee beans)
My Bottle Shop

Looking further afield?  Check out our article on International Retailers Who Dropship to Australia
This article is constantly being updated.  So check back regularly to see updates!
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