A 15-year-old tried to raise awareness about sexual assault at her school. The school responded by suspending her for ‘bullying’.

Aela Mansmann note Aela Mansmann

Several students at Cape Elizabeth High School in Maine were suspended for bullying after they posted sticky notes in the bathroom claiming there was a rapist at the school. 
The students wrote the notes as a form of protest over what they see as a mishandling of sexual assault claims at the school. 
School officials launched an investigation into the notes after a student who thought the notes were directed towards him reported feeling ostracized. 
Facing criticisms, the school defended its decision and released a letter saying the media attention surrounding the notes had resulted in angry critics sending threatening letters to school officials. 
The ACLU of Maine stepped in and issued a temporary restraining order to prevent one of the students behind the note from being suspended. The ACLU claims the school violated the student’s first amendment freedom of speech and tried to intimidate her into giving up the names of her friends. 
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When 15-year old Aela Mansmann arrived at school on September 16 she’d had enough. She and several of her friends were concerned over the ways her Cape Elizabeth, Maine, high school was handling instances of sexual assault involving members of the student community. Mansmann had brought up her concerns at a school board meeting in June but, in her mind, little was done. Hoping to have her voice heard, Mansmann pulled out a sticky note and posted it to one of the bathroom mirrors and took a photo.

The note read: “There’s a rapist in our school and you know who it is.”See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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