7 Proven Ways to Make Money with Your Email List (2019)

Now that you’ve created your email list and are starting to get subsribers, it’s time to make money with your list.

In this video you’ll learn seven of our recommended methods to make money with your email list. While this is a video about monetizing your email list, we recommend only sending one marketing email to your email list for every four or five email.

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Recommending products is the first method we cover, this allows you to be an affiliate of that specific product and share your preferred product to your site’s visitors. When sharing affiliate links this way, you would want to ensure that the affiliate program allows you to send the direct links in emails or if they don’t, have an article you can point your visitors toward where you link to the product.

Getting email sponsors is our second recommendation. Reaching out to have someone sponsor a post will allow them to get outreach to your email list for their product or service and by doing this, you’re sharing a product you find value from with your email subscribers.

For another option, you can sell products on your site that either you create or are an affiliate of, or you can start a dropshipping site to sell products from other providers and have your site focus on bringing customers.

Offering an ecourse allows you to monetize your knowledge and share it with your visitors for a cost. You would want to find a pain point and create a solution for your visitors to give them.

When a user signs up for something on your site, it is also a great time to offer them another product on the thank you page of your site. If a user is interested in your content already, you don’t need to wait for your first email to let them know about your products.

If you have specialized content you can create a paid email subscription model. One popular method would be to cover a topic’s basics in a free email and offer the option to sign up for a more in-depth dive into the subject.

Email abandoned shopping carts if you can, some users get busy when looking through products or with leaving a full cart. If you have the user’s email address you can inform them of the products in their cart to help them complete their purchase.

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