What is the lamp that should not be covered but should be put on a lamp stand for all people to see? It is the light of Christ. As baptized Christians, it is our responsibility to bring the light of Christ to all. We can do this in various ways depending on our positions in life. Some of us have taken the religious vows or are lay missionaries and directly preach the love of God and the great sacrifice of Jesus for us. But preaching is not the only way to bring the light of Christ to all. We ordinary lay people can do this by the way we live, by our examples.

If we live with love for others, we are sharing with them the love of Christ. If we treat our fellowmen justly, pay our household and business staff with just wage and give them the benefits they deserve, we are following Jesus’ teachings on justice. If we share our resources with the less fortunate, we follow Jesus’ teaching on compassion. If we listen to God’s will in the silence of our hearts and worship the one true God through the Holy Eucharist, we are doing what Jesus wants us to do – to love God with all your heart. “All hidden things will be discovered, secret things will be made known” if we continue to grow spiritually. Keeping the love of God only to ourselves means being blessed abundantly but not sharing our blessedness with others. That’s selfishness. And if that happens, we don’t deserve our blessedness and it may be taken away from us.

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