35 Everyday Foods That Aren’t As Simple As They Seem

You have it every day and you definitely think you know everything about it. Yet, even the most common of its types bare a lot of secrets. I’m talking about food here.

Carrots weren’t always orange, pistachios can combust, and mushrooms have something in common with insects – prepare to be amazed by 35 food facts I bet you didn’t know.

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1. Apples belong to the rose family. 0:32
2. Almonds are not nuts. 0:48
3. There’s a drink that can replace food. 1:12
4. Love for coffee is in your genes. 1:39
5. An ear of corn always has an even number of rows and kernels. 2:04
6. Strawberries aren’t really berries, but bananas are! I’m getting dizzy. 2:27
7. Mushrooms contain chitin (just like insects) 2:49
8. The sandwich was invented during a card game. 3:11
9. You can’t grow baby carrots. Technically, no one can. 3:31
10. Pistachios can combust! 3:48
11. Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada. 4:06
12. Beavers smell like vanilla. 4:24
13. Cotton candy was invented by a dentist. 4:51
14. A quarter of all the world’s hazelnuts are used to make Nutella. 5:15
15. You should be careful with rhubarb leaves. 5:32
16. Without flies, we’d have no chocolate. 5:52
17. Cranberries can bounce. 6:05
18. If you’re allergic to latex, you shouldn’t have papaya. 6:20
19. Lobsters and oysters used to be working class food. 6:41
20. Lemons can float, and limes can’t. 7:00
21. Wasps use figs as their mating ground. 7:16
22. It’s healthier to eat boiled potatoes cold. 7:44
23. Cheese is the most frequently stolen food in the world. 7:58
24. Fruits and vegetables get treated with radiation. 8:13
25. You can hear rhubarb grow. 8:40
26. Haribo green gummy bears don’t taste like apples. 8:54
27. Mangoes can get a sunburn. 9:07
28. Cashews grow on fruit. 9:19
29. Salad dressing and sunscreen have something in common. 9:33
30. Ketchup used to be a medicine. 9:53
31. When you eat lollipops, you’re just swallowing your own saliva. 10:09
32. Honey doesn’t have an expiration date. 10:25
33. Crackers have small holes in them for a reason. 10:35
34. There’s mercury in canned tuna. 10:43
35. Carrots weren’t always orange. 10:58

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