3 Things Every Tailgate Party Needs (According to Me)

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My beloved OU Sooners play today against the Baylor Bears and I already have my t-shirt and hat on at 8 a.m. The game isn’t until 2:30 p.m.

3 Things Every Tailgate Party Needs (According to Me)

That, my friends, is college football loyalty.

And while we’re talking about loyalty, I’m also loyal to saving money on the food and drinks I purchase for my tailgating parties, which is why I use the Ibotta app on the regular.

Ibotta App for Tailgating


Before we get into the steps of using Ibotta, download the app on your phone first.

Step 1: Add Offers to your Account
Step 2: Go Shopping
Step 3: Redeem
Step 4: Earn Cash!

That’s seriously how easy it is. For a busy mom like myself, I need more easy in my life. And more football. Speaking of football, let’s get to some things that every tailgate party needs, shall we?

And when you’re shopping for these essentials, don’t you even forget to use the Ibotta app to get those money-saving deals!
Every football party or tailgate needs chili. It is just known. The best thing about chili is that you can make a big pot of it ahead of time and bring that pot as-is to a feed a big crowd. Or, if you’re like me and pressed for time, you can make it in a pressure cooker the hour before. I promise, it’s just as tasty, if not tasier doing it this quick way.

Pressure Pot Cheesy Chili Recipe (1)

Grab the recipe here.

I like to offer my tailgate friends a few adult beverage options (for those who partake, that is), and fortunately, Ibotta has some amazing offers right now on Budweiser beer, YellowTail wine, Crown Royal Whisky, and Smirnoff Vodka.

And you know what? You could totally use that Crown Royal Whisky in the place of brandy in my Autumn Brandy Apple Tea recipe for the big game, too.

Learn how to make it here.

Ibotta App for Tailgating - Whisky Offers
Okay, we’ve got chili and drinks covered, so there is only one thing missing – dessert. And it’s gotta be something easy to grab and eat after the second half. I particularly like these 3-ingredient peanut butter cookies because they are, well, only 3 ingredients and you can make them ahead of time.

Peanut Butter Cookies Using 3 Ingredients - Eggs, Sugar & PB

Get the easy recipe here.

Okay, we’re all set now with our three tailgate essentials!

Are you preparing for the big game today, too? If so, download the Ibotta app before you hit the stores so you have more cash in your wallet to host more tailgate parties!

Ibotta App for Tailgating - Whisky Offers

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