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1. Nokia 9 PureView review: The best falls short

The Nokia 9 PureView has been pretty hotly anticipated over the months for its flagship status, and of course, the camera array on the back:

Nokia 9 PureView backside image from review

The Light-designed five-camera system offered big promises, as HMD collaborated with Qualcomm and Carl Zeiss to make this penta-cam work.
It’s able to capture 12 times the depth data of a standard dual-camera phone.
So how does it shape up in a review?

The good:

My colleague Eric Zeman at Android Authority put the phone through its paces in one of the first detailed Nokia 9 PureView reviews to hit.
The good news is that is has an attractive design and solid build quality.
Water resistance and wireless charging complete the nice-to-haves, although there’s no headphone jack.
The pOLED display is sharp with excellent color, although it could be a touch brighter.
Android One software is updated fast and it’s very clean.
The bad news is that’s where the good news ends, and even the good has some caveats.

The bad:

The camera is ambitious, it has tons of features and, while its layout is busy, it’s manageable. But it doesn’t work well, as Eric explains.
The app is painfully slow: “It’s painfully slow to open, like two to five seconds slow. I easily missed shots of my kids playing basketball because the camera app couldn’t get its act together … I simply wish it were faster at everything.”
As for the photos themselves, after all these promises?
“Considering the four-way partnership between HMD, Qualcomm, Light, and Zeiss, I had high expectations. Sadly, those expectations have been dashed.”
“Photos are sometimes brilliant and yet also often mediocre.”
The sample images taken by the phone vary between amazing depth of detail to grainy, out-of-focus, and just poor. (There’s a Google Drive gallery of full-resolution JPG images if you’re very keen.)

The good:

The bad:

The Nokie 9 PureView does shoot in RAW for the photographers out there, which lets images be edited in software such as Adobe’s Lightroom. The Nokia 9 includes the free version of Lightroom CC, but it doesn’t run well on the phone and doesn’t include the best features unless you pay.
Suggestions are that if you have the patience to edit the photos in Lightroom, you can get dramatically better results and a lot out of the camera.
Internal specs are good but performance isn’t great, with the device generally running poorly.
The in-display fingerprint sensor is garbage. Z writes: “Of all the under-the-glass fingerprint readers I’ve tested, the Nokia 9 PureView’s is by far the worst… it’s unusable.”
The price tag of $699 places the phone in a difficult spot. It’s expensive, without offering 2019’s flagship specs, and doesn’t deliver on promises.
Eric is somewhat optimistic that Nokia will fix the various bugs and speed things up with software updates.
But will anyone place a $699 bet in buying this phone to find out if that will happen?

2. Just in: Spotify has gone nuclear on what it calls Apple’s anti-competitive behavior: timetoplayfair.com. This is going to be big – Spotify has also just filed an antitrust complaint to the EU (WSJ).

3. Galaxy S10 5G to have 2.7Gbps top speed in South Korea (ZDNet).

4. It looks like Motorola’s foldable phone won’t follow Samsung/Huawei in being top-of-the-line, looking like much more of a value device, if this choice in Qualcomm Snapdragon processors is accurate (AA).

5. Elton John’s concert sounded better with these special headphones. Here’s why (CNET).

6. LG’s SnowWhite is like a Keurig or pod system for ice cream (Engadget).

7. Google has reportedly shifted dozens of employees out of its laptop/tablet hardware division which seems to naturally mean we might see fewer Pixel laptops and tablets in future (AA). Pixel Slate and Pixelbook devices don’t appear to have sold well, judging by this news.

8. Chrome extension from Google is trying to filter out toxic comments (CNET). An extension called “Tune” lets you automatically hide the worst posts on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Try it here. (I’ve installed it out of interest. Will this improve the discourse?)

9. Halo’s Master Chief Collection is coming to PC! Including ‘Halo: Reach’! And it’ll even be available on Steam! “Microsoft brings Halo to Steam, pigs fly” is how The Next Web very precisely headlined the big news (no word on price or availability yet).

10. Japan team edges closer to bringing mammoths back to life (Nikkei).

11. Here are all the incredible (and often excruciating) details from the College Admissions Bribery Scandal (Deadspin). Juicy, depressing.

12. A blog post titled ‘Graying Out’ by Tim Bray, an influential person in tech over the years, offers a nostalgic wander through a time when instant messaging services mattered, and what happens when people you know slowly migrate away from chat services, as technology changes, and goes ‘gray’.

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